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Welcome to stock_hush a weekly, textless (no visible/legible text) and stillness (no animation) icontest for stock photography taken from websites such as Getty, Veer, Stock Exchange & Jupiter Images.

The How

>> Every Saturday, a two part challenge will be posted. Members will then have until the following Friday to enter.

>> The two parts for each challenge will always come from the following categories Places & Themes

>> All icons must meet the criteria listed on the profile in addition to being still (non-animated) and textless (no visible/legible text)

>> Images will always be provided for the Places part and sometimes for the Themes.

>> Members can then submit up to 3 icons per part, unless otherwise specified.

>> Voting will take place via a screened post or via LiveJournal polls, depending and will occur on Saturdays.

>> Voters will decide on: 1st through 3rd and depending on the number of icons entered, special categories such as 'Best Crop', 'Best Coloring', 'Best Texture Use', etc.

>> Winners will be announced on Mondays.

If you would like to affiliate with stock_hush comment here and I'll get you added :) Similar communities (such as icon contests, rumbles, 20in20 and even icon sharing) are welcomed, personal journals/icon journals/resource journals are not.
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