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A hush icontest for stock images
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* icons must meet LJ standards (under 40 kb, 100x100 or less, etc.)

* there is to be NO animation.

* Please submit new icons, made specifically for the challenge

* Do NOT submit icons that have not been created by you.

* as the community name implies, there is to be NO legible/visible text.

* Please also include the IMG SRC along with the URL when you are submitting your icons

* It is recommended that you use imageshack or photobucket to host your icons

* Icons must remain anonymous until voting has ended

* Unless otherwise stated, members can submit up to 3 icons per part


>> New challenge goes up on Saturday with the deadline on Friday

>> Voting for the previous challenge also begins on Saturday

>> Voting concludes on Monday when the winners are announced

>> Banners for the winners will be posted during the week.

About & Links

Why another stock icontest? Well, I'm not sure really but I wanted to create one that focused on stock icons that were textless and still.

For further information on the workings of this community, please see this entry.

MOD: sweetrapture82

MOD: moonshinefaerie

To apply, please PM sweetrapture82 :)


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